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Modern Initiatives of Multan Police


Multan Police has designed a few modern and state-of-the-art Projects; conceived to enhance Citizen's security and improve Quality of service delivery, Community Feedback & support for the Multanians, in consonance with our mission. All these unique local initiatives for modernisation are designed, built & operated on a sustainable self-help basis: (You can learn about the details of this Project on this website or at our Official Page at Facebook (Multan Police Fan-Page).

These Projects include:- 

1.  The new Satellite-GPS based Live Vehicle Tracking Project of Multan Police ! (Will be Inaugurated/Functional)

2.  Automated and Digital Rescue 15 Emergency Response Centre ! (Inaugurated/Functional)

3.  State of the Art Mobile Forensic & Crime Scene Laboratory Unit ! (Inaugurated/Functional)

4.  Remote Surveillance of City (Phase-I) and District's (Phase-II) Entry-Exit Points and Police Stations (Phase-III)  through IP based Cameras ! (Design Stage)

5.  Integration of above Projects through a central "Digital Nerve Centre" (Design Stage)

6.  Interactive Website and Fan Pages on Cyber-Social Networks Facebook & Twitter (Inaugurated/Functional), City-wide SMS Broadcast (Inaugurated/Functional), FM Broadcast (Design Stage) and LED Broadcast (Design Stage)

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